What is POGODEX?

POGODEX is currently a map that allows users to scan an area for Pokémon. This scan is much larger than you'll typically find on websites with this functionality. POGODEX is able to accomplish this because we are aiming, at least initially, to keep the userbase small and local. Our goal is to scale gradually and naturally. For now, we are only serving those around the Baltimore area, which will soon spread to the general DMV territory.

perm_scan_wifi Scan for Pokémon

Scan anywhere for nearby Pokémon. Drag the green marker to whatever location you want to scan and either click the marker or click the Scan button in the lower-right of the screen.

If you navigate to a location where the green scan marker is no longer onscreen, it will automatically center to your current view.

access_time Timers for spawns

All Pokémon spawns will be accompanied by timers which display how long that Pokémon will remain available for capture at that location.

gps_fixed GPS tracking

You can optionally use your GPS location to track Pokémon that are literally nearby you. Click the GPS button in the lower-left corner of the screen to enable GPS tracking.

What will POGODEX become?

POGODEX will be a community-driven Pokémon database where users become cartographers that traverse their neighborhoods in search of Pokémon. Cartographers will be rewarded with points to indicate the size of their contribution. All Pokémon found by cartographers will be visible to all other users and cartographers will have the option to take credit for their finds or to remain anonymous.

POGODEX will also include several features that will enable better coordination, both on an overall and a faction-based scale.

flare Flares

Users will be able to set off virtual flares to notify other users or faction members when something of interest is occurring, be it a concentration of lure modules, a gym being taken over, or a rare Pokémon spawning.

list Wishlist

Users will be able to create wishlists of Pokémon which they are most interested in, whether searching for a high concentration of Magikarps or searching for the few Pokémon that are left unseen in their Pokédex.

fitness_center Gyms & Pokéstops

Users will be able to find gyms off of the beaten path which are attacked far less frequently than the gyms around Pokémon hotspots, and be able to find high concentrations of Pokéstops for when they need to find a place to hang out.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up for an account, however you will not be able to use the map until we've manually approved your submission. This is so that we can manage the size of the growing userbase. You may also manually e-mail us at pogomapdevs@gmail.com and we will set up an account for you and e-mail you when it's ready.